Friday, 2 January 2015

Reflecting on 2014, Looking Forward to 2015

Left 2014 with so many memories. Both bitter and sweet. Among the highlights of my year:

Turned 28.

DH turned 29.

DH graduated from his police inspector training.
We went on a romantic getaway in Langkawi shortly after.
Came back from our getaway with a transfer order to another division. Something I actually have been waiting and praying for, for a long time.

Ran 16km for Mizuno Run

Received my long-awaited promotion.

Ran 15km in Larian MAKSAK

Broke my half marathon record in 2XU competitive challenge (21km in 2 hours 35 minutes)
Discovered the problem that prevented us from conceiving. Decided to do the second test. CD3 blood drawn.

Ran 15km Putrajaya Urban City Run with DH.

Ran my first trail run. 8km Petzl Trail Night Run, Putrajaya.
Ran 10km in UM Larian Gegar Neon with DH.

Ran my second trail run. 12km Salomon Trail Run, with DH.
Had my CD20 blood sample drawn.
DH had his semen sample taken for analysis.
DH's grandmother blamed me for being barren as if she knows. *deleting bad memories*
Mama asked me to stop running to better care after my womb, as if she knows better. *deleting this as well*

I think you can guess how I have used work and running as my distractions to not think so much about TTC or baby-related stuff. I want to do the same in 2015 but this time stronger. In 2014, I cried a lot. In the shower, in the car, everytime a friend/relative announced they are pregnant, after baby-showers/cukur jambul, you name it. I cared so much about people's remarks hurled at me during get-togethers be it during the festive season or at weddings, etc. I do not want to care as much in 2015. I will try my best not to let them know that they are winning. This is my battle, I should be in charge.

Here are among the amazing things that are going to happen to me in 2015:

A visit to the Jump Street with DH and our mutual friends.
100Plus Outrunner 12km with DH.
Progesterone test and semen analysis results.
Celebrate the last of my 20's :)
My first experience conducting a full civil procedure trial on my own. (oh I forgot to tell you I am a government counsel/ lawyer)

Nike We Run KL 21km with DH and my closest friends.
DH's birthday.

Women's Health Night Run 12km

Shape Night Run 11.2km

Holiday with DH in Melbourne + Melbourne Marathon (10km maybe)

Baby or no baby, it's going to be great!

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