Friday, 30 January 2015

Bestie became a mother

She delivered a healthy baby boy 3 days ago. Strangely, jealousy didn't hit me when she announced it. In fact, I cannot wait to see the newborn. Saw his photo. Such a lovely looking little chap. Looking forward to seeing and holding him for the first time on Tuesday. I have set the date especially for it. Thinking of getting something special for the mother and little boy too. <3

My bestie, AO, is one of the most kind hearted person I know. She is always careful with her words and does not mind going to great length just to do others a favour. I think that is why there is not even a tiny hint of hatred or jealousy or any kind of negativity that manage to hit me everytime she shares stories of her pregnancy and labour. It is amazing how she can make you feel like you are also part of the process. And that is why I admire this wonderful lady I have known since my uni days. Can't believe she is now a mother.

I hope I get to become a mother too someday and we can arrange for playdates and mengaji and tuition and football for our kids together. Ok, can start daydreaming about it now. Hehe.

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